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Yarn and Twine Easter Eggs

Katie McMinn decorating for Easter
I see plastic Easter eggs everywhere this time of year. I just bought about six dozen from the dollar store in preparation for our first ever family Easter party. Now the thing that irritates me about plastic Easter eggs is that while yes, you can buy a dozen for $1, they are cheap and they look cheap. They will work great for our children Easter Egg Hunt, but not so much as Easter decorations for our home.

I display Easter eggs all over the house, in glass vases, wooden bunny boxes, and old candleholders. Every time I walk past an egg display I can see the holes on the ends of the eggs. Again, cheap looking but very affordable plastic Easter eggs. I get why they have holes, relieves the pressure so you can open the eggs easier. While I appreciated the easier access, what I don’t appreciate is how the holes make the eggs look cheap. I don’t want to display cheap looking Easter eggs.

Here’s what I did with two dozen of my cheap, hole filled, all-a-dollar Easter eggs. I chose pink, cream, and white yarn and twine and; simply put, took my hot glue gun and glued yarn or twine to the eggs. Below is a step by step with pics included and a video if that helps you out.

Step 1

Add a line of glue on the rim of the open egg. Close and press tightly till the hot glue hardens.
How to Make Yarn Easter eggs

Step 2

Put a dot of glue on the top of the egg. Place yarn over the glue and hold until the glue hardens. Cross the yarn onto itself to make a circle pattern.
How to Make Yarn Easter eggs

Step 3

Make a line of glue just below the yarn. Place the yarn onto the glue line and hold until the glue hardens.
How to Make Yarn Easter eggs

Step 4

Continue to do Step 3 until you have yarn around the entire egg.
How to Make Yarn Easter eggs

Step 5

Once you have a small circle of the egg still showing, estimate how much more yarn you will need. Without using any glue, I wrap the yarn around in to the circle on the end of the egg and cut the yarn right at the end.
How to Make Yarn Easter eggs

Step 6

After you cut the yarn, let it fall off the egg. Add a dot of glue to the small circle part of the egg that is still showing. Take the end of the yarn and place it in the glue and then twirl the remaing yarn in a circling motion until is fills in the remainder of the egg. Press and hold until glue hardens.
How to Make Yarn Easter eggs

If you try this Easter egg hack let me know I’d love to see what you’ve come up with DM me on Instagram or Facebook.