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Hint of Lavender

Writer Christie Gardiner

Ms. Christie Gardiner is a lover of life. She is a writer, dreamer, doer, wife and mama of three. She has passion for acting, singing, yoga, travel, and cycling. I sat down with her earlier this month and enjoyed the conversation we had as I got to know her better.

She is a mom in the thick of it. I first had to ask her how do she did it all on a daily basis. She believes that balance is something we are constantly trying to achieve. It is something we are always trying to bring back. She talks a lot about this is her book, You Are the Mother Your Children Need. In this book, Christie talks about how motherhood is the toughest job you will take on and how there are many ways to be a good mom. In her book, she encourages mothers to let go of the idea of making everything perfect. She encourages women to find their strengths and gives practical advice on learning to accept failure and holding on to your identity.

Sitting down with Christie, she told me how important it is for women to not lose their identities once they become mothers. It is important for moms to take care of themselves first so that they can care for the others around them. She stressed the importance of following your passions. She has a passion for acting and gave it up for years after having children. She recently got back into community theater and found that she was a fun and more involved mom because of it. She found that finding balance between her mom duties and her passions meant involving her children in acting. She auditions and preforms with her children and since has been able to show her children that she can be a mom and an actor.

One thing Christie and I talked about was having it all. Her viewpoint is much like mine. We both think you can have it all as long as you are willing and able to adjust to what having it all looks like. Having it all looks differently once you have children, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have the things in your life that make you happy. Yes, we know your children make you happy, but it is ok to have things outside of your family that also make you happy. For Christie it’s acting, cycling and yoga; for me it’s singing, performing and traveling. We both gave ourselves permission to find things outside of our family that makes us happy and I truly believe we are better to our children and spouses because of it.

I enjoyed getting to know Christie. Her and I have such a similar view point on life and motherhood. She is a wonderful lady who has inspired me to keep working towards my goals, working towards finding my balance and working towards being more happy. I can’t stress enough how wonderful she is and wonderful her book is. Please check out her book, it is a great read that will change your life.

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