Workspace Harmony

written by Katie McMinn October 8, 2015

Whether you work 9-5 or you’re managing your family schedule and keeping a house in order; we all need a good work space. With a new baby on the way Thomas and I had to combine office spaces. I needed to revamp my office anyway and this gave me the perfect excuse to finally do it. I don’t know about you but I can’t work if my workspace isn’t amazing. The hubby Thomas, hates sitting at a desk and you can find him most days working in a lounge chair at our locate Starbucks. If you can’t concentrate in the noise of a coffeehouse and if you are wanting to revamp your workspace here are a few “guidelines” I followed as I revamped my space.

1. Let it shine, let it shine.

If you have a home office find a room in the house that brings in the most sunlight during the hours you do the most work. If you tend to work in the morning find a room with a big east facing window. If you tend to sit down and work in the afternoon a west facing window will bring in the most light. If you work in an office where window light is hard to come by get yourself a nice sunlight. I recommend Verilux Happylight Deluxe energy lamp. A friend of mine has the Verilux and she says it perks her up when it’s dreary outside.

2. Surround yourself with things that make you happy and motivated.

Visually when we see things that create an emotion we are affected in a current way. Surround your work space with things that are going to help keep you positive and motivated to get the job done. At my work space I have the September Vogue issues I’ve been collecting since 2003. I keep there here because every time I see them it motivates me to write and makes me feel creative, (I think secretly I want to be Anna Wintour). I also have a gorgeous vintage glass figurine handed down from my grandmother. When I look at the figurine I am filled with love and happiness which is exactly how my grandmother makes me feel.

3. If yo butt ain’t comfy, yo not comfy.

You need to find a comfortable chair. You need to make sure you have a chair that is adjustable. Your feet should be flat on the floor, with your thighs parallel to the top of the desk. The depth (from front to back of the seat) needs to be enough so you can sit with back against the backrest of the chair while leaving approximately 2 to 4 inches between the back of the knees and the seat of the chair. If you need lumbar support makes sure your chair can provide that support. The lumbar adjustment should adjust both height and depth.

4. Keep it clean.

The only way I can function in life is to go electronic. Everything in my life is online for multiple reasons. It’s easier for me to find what I need and I have an automatic backup system, (e.g. I track my finances, store everything on an external hard drive; however my banks store all my information online. They are my backup, if I never need it). I scan all important documents and save them onto my external hard drive because it works for me. Some words of advice back up your daily hard drive onto hard drive quarterly or twice a year and put into a fireproof safe. My daily hard drive crashed and I lost everything from the three years prior. I was lucky enough to have a company reclaim most of my files, but for about a day I was in a panic. Thomas laughs because I call that moment in my life the crash of 2011.

Helpful Hint:

Let the light shine as you sit your butt into a comfortable chair perfectly adjusted to you.

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