Work Life Balance

written by Katie McMinn August 10, 2016

My best advice is to live in the moment. When you are working…work. When the bell rings and its time to go home, go home and be home. I know too many women who have a full-time job and then go home and work after they get their kids to bed. Stop doing that ladies! Work will always be there. No matter how much time you work towards getting “on top” on things or getting your “to do” list done there will always be work to do.

What will not always be there are the people you love. One day your parents will not be around; one day your kids will move out of the house. I know it sounds depressing, but it also keeps things in perspective. Hopefully next time you are working your fanny off at home and your kid comes to you and wants to play you step away from work and enjoy that precious moment with your child, or whoever it is in your life.

Helpful Hint:

Work, work, work, work, work, la la la; then play, play, play, play, play, play.

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