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Winter Toys for Tots Tip

Now it’s all about the totes, bout the totes, not the toys. It’s all about the totes, about the totes. Oh sorry I’m challenging my inner Meghan Trainer. But for real in my case, winter play time is often limited to indoor activities. We have the wonderful white winters up here is the SLC and when the boys want outdoor winter play time, it takes Thomas and me 40 minutes to get them and ourselves all geared up. Sometimes it’s just easier to play indoors.

The problem is Liam, like I imagine most other kids, gets bored playing with the same old toys day in and day out. He goes from one toy to another in the blink of an eye. What we’ve done to keep Liam interested in playing inside and to not get bored of the same old toys in this…we store a lot of his sets and bigger toys in totes.

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We have a tote for his VTech car set, his Legos, his arts and craft supplies and his learning/development games. When he starts to act up, out of what I assume is total boredom, I remind him of his totes. Sometimes he remembers on his own and ask for things by name. What I like most about the totes situation is that as him and I make our way to the totes, I can totally pump him up for whatever game or set it is that we are going to get.

He gets so excited to chose one toy or set to play with. We take in upstairs and we play together until he is done and moves onto the next thing. Some days we make it through an entire totes, some days it’s just one or two. This has been extremely helpful for me and me sanity. Hopeful it helps you stay sane throughout these cold winter days.

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