What to Wear with Bell Sleeves

written by Katie McMinn March 2, 2018

Honestly, I was scared of bell sleeves. I had no idea what the hell to wear them with. I saw all these stunning photos on Instagram of these fashion bloggers with these ever flowing sleeves and I thought to myself I could never wear freaking bell sleeves.

Well, I gathered my courage, as I went to my closet and holding out my teal and black pinned stripped bell sleeve blouse from Pink Blush I decided it was time. I was going to find something to wear with this top that I loved so much. If you are like me and want to wear bell sleeves and are intimidated by their mass then keep reading. Here are three hints to wearing bell sleeves and looking stunning while you do it.

Hint 1. Slim Down Your Bottom Half

The size of your ass is perfect, don’t change that at all, not what I mean by mean half. There is weight, fabric, and “bells” up there on your arms, let your arms shine by pairing them bells with skinnies/slim cut pants. Throw on some over the knee boots to add a little oomph. I paired my black pencil skirt with this bell sleeve top and loved the effect of the sleeckness with the volume of the top.

Hint 2. Dark Pants

Wearing a dark part of pants, will allow your bell sleeves to shine. The point of wearing an exaggerated…anything, is to let the exaggeration shine. Keep your pants dark and the top will stand out and make a statement. I liked my dark washed ripped jeans for this look. The dark really made the black pinned strip of the bell sleeve pop.

Hint 3. Mono e Mono

Wearing monochromatic with a bell sleeve will keep the focus on the sleeves. Find a color in the top and match your bottom with that color. I used the teal-ish green color of the top and paired it with the same color pants. Little extra tid bit here, monochromatic outfits make you look taller. At my 5’4′ height I’m always wanting to look a bit taller.

I have found a love for bell sleeves. It took me a minute, but I finally found several ways to wear bell sleeves and I discovered what I like best. I hope my ever flowing sleeve journey has helped you and that you take the pledge and try something as bold as a bell sleeve.

I want to see you in your bell sleeve tops. Please send me our pics trough DM me on Facebook or Instagram.

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