What to Wear To Walk in the Park

written by Katie McMinn October 27, 2017
What to Wear to Walk in the Park

Fall is a beautiful time to take a pause in life, reflect on what you are grateful for, and take a walk in the park. If you want to rock a causal look that doesn’t involve athletic wear then keep reading. Here are my hints on what to wear to the park in order to look relaxed and still fashionable.

Women's fall looks

Women's Fashion

women's fall fashion

Hint 1. Embellished Sweater

There is nothing like slipping into a big comfy sweater on a crisp autumn day. Get excited about a fun sweater kissed with sequined peacocks or overlaid emoji’s. I love this sweater because it’s basic black with a splash of deep colorful embroidered flowers. An embellished sweater keeps you warm during your walk, comfortable so you can explore if you so choose to and adds that little something special that says, “This girl knows how to dress.”

Hint 2. Boots

Break out the boots ladies! It’s fall and time to keep those feet nice and toasty warm. When taking a stroll in the park opt for a low heel boot. You want footwear that is comfortable so you can keep walking, talking and enjoying a nice pumpkin or maple latte.

Hint 3. Over the Shoulder Bag

Yes you need a purse when you go for a walk in the park. You need a place to stash that cell phone, yes I said it, “Put down the phone and pay attention to the person next to you.” Also you may need to reapply that fall inspired lip shade once you’ve finished your latte.

Women's fall boots

Women's fall boots
I hope this article helps get you out and walking in the park. There is nothing like feel the weather change, while enjoying a latte and chatting with someone that you care about.

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