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Hint of Lavender

What to Wear to the Pumpkin Patch

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! We are celebrating by going the pumpkin patch. Ever wonder what to wear to go run around in a hay maze and pick out the perfect pumpkin with your kiddos? If so this one is for you! Here are five hints when dressing for the pumpkin patch.

Hint 1. Footwear

I am so into the slide tennis shoe trends right now. Throwback to the 90’s you all! Tennis shoes are a good option for pumpkin patches because you’ll be able to run after your little ones and not back a heel or God forbid get that heel stuck in a dirt hole and take an awful tumble right into a coffin. Boots are always a good idea but here’s what to watch out for, they need to be comfortable and washable. I always wear leather boots to kid activities like this because I can easily wipe off the dirt and hay.

Hint 2. Pants that Give

I realize Thanksgiving is next month, in the spirit of preparing for that holiday let’s all give thanks for stretchy jeans! I always opt for a stretch jean. Again you need to be able to move and have fun with your kids. I loved running through the maze chasing my boys. I couldn’t have done that as well wearing something restrictive.

Hint 3. Warm Jacket

A warm jacket is a much. Yes you may raise your body temperature running around, but at moments you may be looking for the perfect pumpkin or taking a family selfie. You will most likely get cold once the sun starts setting too. Remember a cute jacket that again allows you to move as needed.

Hint 4. Backpack

Hopefully you saw my Backpacking Green post and hooked yourself up with a beautiful backpack. I always take my backpack to kid activities like this because as stated above I run around like a banshee after my kids. Last thing I need cramping my chasing skills is a purse. Opt for a backpack you’ll have way more fun I promise.

Hint 5. Color

Now really this only matters if you are planning on taking family photos or taking selfies. Everything at the pumpkin patch is going to be fall colors, warm reds and golden oranges. You and your little ones will stand out in the sea of fall tones if you dress is cool tones, think blues, purples and grays.

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