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Lake Trip in Autumn

What to Wear to the Lake in Autumn

One week ago today, I was riding in the car with Thomas and our boys heading north. We were driving to Bear Lake. This was our first lake trip and I was beyond excited. The mountain leaves were painted in golden yellows and fire reds; it was one of the most beautiful drives we have taken. I was stoked as we pulled up to the cabin we would call home for the next few days. We unpacked the car, ate a little snack, and headed to the lake.

Autumn mountain
Katie McMinn standing in Bear Lake

Thomas McMinn the bear lake with sons

Feet in the sand
We spent two hours building sandcastles and splashing in the water. This was the first time the boys had seen a beach, it was a lake beach, but a beach no less. At the end of September, it was breezy. As the dinner hour approached, we decided to leave the lake and to grab a few pizzas. As we were driving into town, we noticed several ice cream shops calming to have the most famous raspberry shakes. I found out that Bear Lake is known for its raspberry harvest. They celebrate the harvest with Raspberry Days at the beginning of August. These shake really were famous and delicious. After our pizza, we stopped at one of the shops. We enjoyed our shakes sitting on an old boat docked on dry land by the ice cream shop.

Katie and son on a boat

The next day, we got up and headed straight to the lake. As my feet hit the sand, I was filled with so much joy for the opportunity to be at the beach with the people I love most in the world. We again made a sandcastle, got into a slight mud-throwing contest, and walked the shoreline. Thomas and I were hand-in-hand watching our boys make trails in the sand with sticks. We had the entire beach to ourselves, which is one perk of going to the lake in the autumn. After we made our way back for a quick snack break at our picnic table in the sand, we decided to get in the water. Yes, it was a bit cold but so worth it. Thomas held Liam and I held Jaxson as we walked into the lake until the water was up to our hips. It was so peaceful standing in the water of a lake. Not only did we have the beach to ourselves the cove we were standing in had no boats. Again, it was so peaceful.

Katie McMinn and son the beach of Bear Lake

Katie McMinn and son the beach of Bear Lake

Katie McMinn and sons the beach of Bear Lake

Katie McMinn and sons the beach of Bear Lake

Katie McMinn and son in Bear Lake

Because we were at a lake in autumn I wore layers, even when I was standing in the lake. Let me tell you how I stayed warm and still enjoyed myself while at the lake.

What I Wore to the Lake

Top coverage

We went to the lake twice. On the first occasion, I didn’t even have on my swimsuit. I had on cut-offs with a tank top and pink and blue flannel. This is a great option because when I got hot I tied it around my waist.

On the second occasion, I had my swimsuit on with, again my cutoff, a lace tee, and a mustard knitted sweater. I loved this because I got so warm that I actually wanted to walk in the water and cool off.


At the lake, I didn’t wear the gray floppy hat that I wore at the Carpinteria State Beach; instead, I brought a baseball cap. Thomas had some hats made for Carseats and Coffee and I liked them so much I stole one. I wanted to wear a ball cap on this trip because I wanted to wear it at the lake, by the fire pit, and during other cabin type activities.


Yes, you still need sunscreen, even in the autumn. I layered everyone up before we walked down to the beach. I know this doesn’t seem important but I can’t stress it enough, not only does it prevent skin cancer it also helps you age gracefully. Your skin will thank you when you’re 60.
Katie McMinn standing in Bear Lake

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