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Two Things to Consider For Your Valentine’s Party

I love Valentine’s Day. I love to celebrate this holiday with Thomas, obviously. We used to be super romantic; we’d get all dressed up to go and have a fine dining experience. At some point during the dinner, we’d exchange gifts and it would be lovely, like something out of a Sparks novel. Since we’ve had the boy we tend to celebrate with a romantic lunch. Still, like something out of a Sparks novel.

Aside from Thomas, I also like to celebrate with my boys. We have made it a Valentine’s tradition to make all the grandparents’ handmade Valentine cards. I like to teach the boys that this holiday is so much more than celebrating the love you have for a significant other. We should celebrate all the people whom we love. Hence the grandparent cards.

I also like to celebrate with our friends. We had our first Valentine’s party a few years ago and it was so much fun. I decorated our house in pink, red, and purple hearts. I created a special pink martini; I believe it was something with strawberries. Speaking of, if you are looking for a good martini for your Valentine’s, party this is one for you. It’s a raspberry, rosemary, and honey martini. It is delicious.

Raspbery, Rosemary, Honey Martini

In addition to having a specialty cocktail, you should consider having a fun game to play. I believe guest like to be entertained and want something fun to do at any party. I’ve created a fun Who Knows Who Best Q and A game that you can play with your hubby, lady, kids, or friends; whoever you plan to celebrate with.

Who Know Who Best

Here is how Thomas and I played the game. You’ll see how you can adapt it to play with just two people, or play it in rounds with multiple couples.

Rules to Who Knows Who Best

Round 1

All couples play. The host asks the questions alternating between his and her questions. Totally adapt the questions for any same-gender couples, etc.

The top 3-4 couples move onto round 2.

Round 2

Basically, repeat Round 1 but with the Round 2 questions.

Round 3

The top two scoring couples move onto this round and the winner takes all.

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