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Hint of Lavender

Time-Saving Power Solutions

I don’t know how often I waste time looking for my phone charger, trying to plug my iPad in the outlet behind my bedside table, etc. RND Power Solutions hooked me up with several time-saving power solutions. I have a 6-port 8 amp desktop USB charger that I keep, strangely enough, at my desk. Whenever I’m working and any of my smart devices and need charger I just plug em right in and with six ports I’m able to charge almost all our smart devices at the same time! I know crazy!


Having a new baby I use my bedside table to as a pumping station, burp cloth holder, keeper of my coffee, stand for the sound machine; not to mention I have a lamp, a clock, and a box of tissues. Again crazy I know, but all you parents understand. RND Power Solutions seriously helped me out by providing a desktop charging station with three AC plugs, three USB ports and surge protector with a slot for smart devices. It’s meant for large device such as iPads and tablets, but I use it my phone. My phone would get lost amongst all the other items on my bedside table otherwise. Now I always know where my phone is located and I don’t have to get up and search for a charger because I keep a USB cable plugged right into the station. It’s honestly heaven.


The last time-saving power solution is in the kitchen and this one gets used the most, naturally because it’s in the main hub of the house. The wall power station with three AC plugs and four USB ports hold our smart phones in a slide-out holder and shelf. I love this station because we can store our phones there even when we are not charging them. This way we are not wasting time looking for them and we don’t have to worry about Liam snatching them up and putting somewhere crazy, like the toilet for example.


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