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written by Katie McMinn October 17, 2016
This Little Mom

Ashley started This Little Mom blog as a way to meet other moms. Begin new mothers we somehow connected through Instagram, probably scrolling through all the precious Insta baby photos. lol I loved how willing she was to reach out to women and start a conversation. We started to chat a bit and I asked her to be a part of the Wonderful Women series.

Ashley is beautiful and funny, so is her blog by the way. You definitely need to check it out This Little Mom. Here are a few questions asked of Ashley to help you get to know her better.

What do you do to relax?

Relaxing is something we all long to do but don’t always have the time to do. Everyday I try to get in some “me time” and clear my mind. My top 3 ways to relax and also are my favorites would be taking a bubble bath with or without music playing, totally depends on my mood. I also like getting an iced coffee from Dunkin (yummy) and taking a nice scenic ride either with my hunny or alone. People assume having a date means going out to dinner or seeing a movie at the theatre. For us it’s just quality time! Lastly, I love love love catching up on some good old fashioned reality tv which is such a guilty pleasure of mine… while snacking away with anything and everything I can find.

What makes you happy?

Hello!! My baby girl! As if that’s not the most obvious answer. I feel like I’ll entertain the question a bit more however. I absolutely love spending time with family! I am over the top crazy about my mothers cooking so I pretty much always ask her to make us dinner so we can go spend time there. I also am a fan of going to target like pretty much every other woman I know and browsing around. Aside from family and target trips I honestly just love to be at home playing with our daughter and enjoying our time together!

What inspires you?

Mothers inspire me! Growing into this new and exciting community of mothers uniting together I often find myself wondering, how do they do it? There are so many unique stories to be heard from each woman that I meet and each inspire me beyond belief. I had no idea this world existed until becoming a mother myself and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be apart of it. I find myself pushing towards goals I have always dreamed of reaching each day with the encouragement from my peers. Moms totally rule this world!

What advice do you give to other women?

Never stop dreaming & never stop fighting for your dreams to come true!! I am twenty-seven years old and since high school I have always been in love with writing. It was a dream of mine to be a published author or to have a column of my own. It took me until becoming a parent to actually put forth effort into working towards this dream. Slowly but surely I will attempt to reach these goals. My blog was the first step and it was something I put off for awhile as well. Having my own blog and having followers and feedback means the world to me. I believe that it is never to late, you are never too old and there is always time to do what you love to do!

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