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Hint of Lavender

The Host-est with the Most-est

I have known Amanda Dickson for years. I am grateful to known her and call her a friend. She is an inspiration to me and I know she will inspire you. Not only does Amanda host Utah’s #1 rated morning radio show, teach media law, give speeches, do voice over work, sit on several boards, write books; she is also a wife and mother. She is one busy and inspiring lady.

I first met Amanda at a conference where she was the keynote speaker. She inspired me then and continues to inspire me today. I have had the pleasure of being on her award-winning program A Woman’s View. I love being able to spend an hour with Amanda and two other ladies from the community. We chat about our lives, opinions, and views. I look forward to the discussions we have and enjoy meeting new people.

Amanda is infectious. You hear her laugh and you can’t help but laugh. She is an incredibly caring person and always makes me feel welcome, heard, and respected. Amanda is a hard worker with a great work ethic. I’ve listed all her professional work already, but wanted to highlight her writing. She wrote three books; A Gentle Thief, Wake Up to a Happier Life, and Change It Up. I have to talk about that last book a bit. Change It Up is all about learning to deal better with change. In this book Amanda talks about how she views change like a skill; a skill that you have to develop. For a girl (meaning me) who does not do well with change, I highly recommend this book. I love the idea of looking at something that can be debilitating and finding a way to conquer it. In addition to three books, Amanda is currently working on a fourth. An novel that she is co-writing with your husband. How cute is that? I love it.

In her KSL Bio, Amanda titles her husband Aaron as her beloved. If that doesn’t say how loving and supporting they are towards one another then I don’t know what does. Amanda is such a family person. She is the loving step mother to three kids and the mother of two sons. She also gives back to her community. She sits on several boards, and speaks to groups within her direct community and groups all across the country. She is so deserving of Wonderful Women status.

Every time I get to see her I leave feeling happy, positive, and loved. Thank you Amanda for brighten my day, my spirit, and my life.

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