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Hint of Lavender

Bunk Beds

The Boys’ Bedroom

When we first moved into this house back in June, the boys’ room had pink floral wallpaper. Thomas and I agreed that their room was the first we would tackle. Now me being the optimistic, over-achiever that I am, I figured we could knock out their room in the same week that we moved in. I epically underestimated the work it took to move a house when you have tiny humans in the mix.

We barely survived the move and the week after I raised a glass of whiskey to Thomas and sarcastically said, “Well, here’s to the boys’ room.” It quickly became apparent to us that we would not be touching the boy’s room for some time. The boys didn’t even care that their room had pink floral wallpaper, so I’m still not sure why Thomas and I did so much.

We had been in our house for a couple of months, boxes were unpacked and it was beginning to feel like home. This is when it happened. I was in our bedroom working on a blog post when Thomas came in from putting the boys to bed. He sat down next to me and had a funny look on his face.

“What?” I asked. With tired and defeated eyes, he told me, “Liam just said he misses our old house because his room was better there. We have to work on their room this weekend.”

“Okay. I was honestly waiting on you to give me the green light.” I told him.

I opened Pinterest and showed Thomas the board I had put together for the boys’ room.
“I’m thinking “cool kid/superhero.” What do you think?” I said with excitement.

He liked the idea and I was off to the races.

The Color Scheme

I quickly knew that I wanted each boy to choose a color for their room and then I would pull the room together with black and gray. The next day, we took a family trip to Home Depot, where they each picked out a color for their room. I did prep them on the drive over asking them each what color they each want for the room. Liam wanted blue and Jax wanted green.

As we approached the painting department, I quickly found three greens and three blues that I liked and knew would go with the overall design aesthetic I was going for. Liam went with Behr’s Shipwreck and Jax with Behr’s Green Neon. A little tip here, you can go to Home Depot and purchase tester paints of any color for $3. This is an easy and inexpensive way to add a color scheme to a room. I love it because I’m not spending money on a gallon of paint when we only use about a fourth of it and the rest sits in the garage.

Rule of thumb with color schemes is your 60:30:10 rule. Sixty percent of the room should be your primary color. This color should anchor the room; think wall color, rug, large furniture, etc. Thirty percent should be your secondary color. This color should be used about half as much as the primary color, think drapes, accent chair, pictures, etc. Lastly your accent color, it should be used in about ten percent of the room; think accessories, books, throw pillows, etc.

The primary color for the boys’ room was gray. We painted the walls in Sherwin Williams’s Agreeable Gray. We took a vote on Instagram between this gray and Mindful Gray. Go follow there if you want to voice your opinion on future design plans. During our trip to Bear Lake, the boys slept in a bunk bed; and after that trip, Thomas and I decided to get the boys bunk beds. We searched in Amazon-land for a few days and choose a nice gray color. I had to get new bedding for the bunk beds and went with gray, yet again. Trying to get my 60 percent peeps.

cool kid superhero kids room
Batman Pillow
Iron Man Pillow

The secondary color was black. The dressers are black; we bought a black geometric pattern rug and hung a black clock and two black shelves.

I cheated a bit on the accent color because we used two colors the blue and green the boys picked out. I knew I wanted to paint canvases in these colors along with two sets of stripes on the wall. One set would go horizontal by their bed and the other vertical on the opposite wall from their bed. The vertical strip included each of their names in their color.

Painted stripes with names

The Canvases

After our Home Depot trip that night, I got on my Silhouette machine and in addition to making stickers of the boy’s names; I created “cool kid superhero” stickers for the canvases I wanted to paint with the boys. These canvases were the shining stars of the room. They fully embodied the theme of the room; a flat brim superman hat, Batman sunglasses; they are totally the coolest canvases ever.

The best part of making these canvases was that the boys helped me make them. I placed the stickers on and then the boys painted them. When the canvases were dry, I hung them up and announced to the boys that there was a surprise in their room. Their reaction was classic. They thought the room was the coolest because of those superhero canvases.

Boys cool kid superhero bedroom revealSuperhero Canvases

I also wanted to use this, “My Brother is a Superhero” quote that I found on Pinterest. I figured let the boys paint again. I pulled out the blue and green paint and handprints made their way onto the canvas. I think this is one I will have hanging in my house when I’m 70 and missing the good old days when my boys were young. Yes, I will probably be singing Adele songs, while I gaze into a fireplace with my glass of wine and cry as I sing, “Hello, it’s me.” lol Sorry I digress. I do love this canvas because of the tiny hands that made it.
Superhero quote

Superhero quote

I hope this room inspires you to make over kid’s room. We had a lot of fun planning and executing it. If you want my opinion on a mood board or a space plan DM me, I love helping out with design stuff.

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