Tara Johnston and Trendy Treehouse

written by Katie McMinn September 19, 2016
Trendy Treehouse

I happy to announce the first Wonderful Women series. My hope with this series is that the voices of other inspiring and hardworking women will help us ladies be motivated and stay hopeful. It is so difficult being a working women, a wife, a mother, and everything in between.

For September’s Wonderful Woman I have Tara Johnston, she is the founder and owner of Trendy Treehouse. If you didn’t see us in our Trendy Treehouse tees you’ve missed out. Anyways, I met Tara at the Pinners conference last November and I got to know her and her husband. They are one of the most fantastic couples I know. They have a beautiful family, which you will hear more about as you read on. I promise you will fall in love with Tara, her family and her fun and trendy tees.

1. What does a typical day look like for you?

Like most Mama’s family comes first every morning….getting everyone up and ready for school, breakfast, back pack checks for homework, etc. Getting everyone off to school, or ready for the day. Then it’s off to my shop…….home of Trendy Treehouse! My day at TTH consists of designing, making tees, sewing blankets, packaging, shipping, emails, product development and photography. I throw a little bit of it all in my day. There is never a dull moment, I like to keep moving. Once my kids are back home, we spend our evenings either at sporting events for our kids or just hanging out at home together.

2. What are all the “hats” you wear e.g. wife, mom, boss etc.?

Wife & Mom is first and foremost. Business owner, Boss, Designer, Farmer of a ten acre Almond orchard, Coach for the kids sports teams, Chief cook and bottle washer….and daughter of the best and most supportive parents ever!!!!

3. What do you do professionally?

Creator & Owner of Trendy Treehouse with a college degree in Business/Management.

4. How do you manage your household?

Our family works together as a team. Everyone has a certain set of chores and responsibilities. For the most part we all work together to get things done so we can have more down time and play time together. When things get hectic or the house gets behind, we sometimes use a housekeeper to get us back on track.

5. What do you do to relax?

I love to doodle on my iPad on new designs for the business and am addicted to watching Netflix late at night. I also enjoy baking. As a Family, we love to hike, go camping and often take family bike rides on the weekends.

6. What keeps you balanced?

Truly, my family is my balance! Hubby, the kids, my parents & extended family….

7. What do you do to keep yourself taken care of?

That’s a tough one….I, of course do try eat right, make balanced meals and such. Exercise & sports are important to me. The toughest part is making time for ME! I’m not much of a Me-Me…..It’s a constant goal…

8. What makes you happy?

Not to sound like a broken record…BUT, you guessed it….Family! Along with painting, crafting, drawing, watching my kids play sports, watching movies and playing games with my hubby and kids. My husband and I hate being away from our kids and enjoy every minute with them, so a lot of things that make me happy involve time with them! I especially love when we get in the car on road trips and laugh and goof off with each other! What makes me the most happy is that my kids (16, 15, 13 and 11) still love to cuddle with us. We always are cuddling on the couch and never go a single day without hugging and telling each other we love each other. It is rare that we ever miss a night of tucking them in. They will never be too old, always our babies.

9. What inspires you?

I draw inspirations from our family; my husband, children and our extended family and friends. I love keeping my mind active, therefore I’m always working on something new. My goal to be a Stay at Home Mom, a Business owner and to be able to schedule around what’s important in my life. My Family, is what drives me. I wanted something to spur on my interests and business background. Trendy Treehouse does that and more for me.

10. What advice do you give to other women?

Find your passion, don’t be afraid to dream your dream. Do your homework on all aspects of owning your own home based business. Keep your creative juices flowing. It may take a while to find your niche, but don’t give up. It’s a constant learning curve. Be confident in what you are selling. And most importantly, having a supportive family to be your sounding board and cheer leaders is everything! You can never go wrong when you are doing something you love!

You can find Tara and Trendy Treehouse at
Website: www.thetrendytreehouse.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/trendytreehouse
Facebook: www.facebook.com/trendytreehouse
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/trendytreehouse
Twitter: twitter.com/trendytreehouse
Blog: www.thetrendytreehouse.com/blogs/news

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