Sweet Treat for Your Sweetie

written by Katie McMinn February 7, 2017
Strawberry cake

I enjoy baking. I kind of think baked goods are a way I show my love for people. So if you get a pecan pie or homemade mint brownies from me, know you are loved. With February being the month of love, I figured I’d show Thomas my love by making him a strawberry triple layer cake. I stumbled upon this cake on Pinterest it was from a wonderful blogger, Kathleen with Gonna Want Seconds. Totally check her blog out because I promise you will want seconds of the dishes she shares on her blog.

This tripe layer cake is divine. The cake is light and moist and the frosting, which I should share is different than the one Kathleen uses. Again, if you want to know what frosting she uses check out her blog. If you want a nice yummy treat for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day totally try this cake it is easy to make and it’s perfection.

Strawberry Cake

Gonna Want Seconds


Now the way I frosted this cake is called a naked frost. I love the look of it, because it’s simple and elegant looking. You don’t have to but I added the strawberries on top and I had a few mint leaves to add, but completely spaced. Guess I will have to use those mint leaves for mojitos to go with this scrumptious cake. Thanks again to Kathleen with Gonna Want Seconds for a kick ass cake.

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