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Hint of Lavender

Sultry Scents

February is the perfect month to buy perfume. It’s still the beginning of the year where most people are reinventing themselves and it’s the middle of winter. I think a new scent can pick you up and keep you going until the weather turns around.

I discovered this great fragrance company, Inkling Scents. I really love they sultry scent is a combo of lotus, orchid and Bulgarian rose, with vanilla, white amber, and sandalwood. I like it for all the floral scents. It makes me feel light and airy and quite sultry.

One of my biggest pet peeves is smelling someone after they have left the room, passed by me, etc. Your perfume or cologne should compliment you and your natural scent; it should mask it.


Hint 1: Spray and tap.

Take your favorite fragrance, spray a wrist and tap your wrists together. Tap do not rub, rubbing smothers the scent of the perfume, where as tapping embraces the natural scent of your body.

Hint 2: Wrist to neck.

Take your wrist and tap the nap of your neck. Tapping your nap will provide a subtle scent nothing too overpowering.

Hint 3: Choose wisely.

Choose a fragrance that compliments you and your personality. I like florals that are subtle but leave a lastly impression.

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