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written by Katie McMinn October 6, 2016
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When I started this blog almost one year ago I knew it was going to be a lot of work. I also knew I was going to love it. One thing I did not know, was how much it would make me question myself. I saw all these fab fashion bloggers and hardworking mommy bloggers and I questioned if what I was doing was “right” or not. I wondered if what I had to say would make an impact.

What I’ve discovered is I don’t need to be like any of those amazing bloggers. I found that I am much happier being myself and making decisions that I feel are right for me. At the end of the day I can only write about my life and what I experience.

With that said, it’s been an interesting road. Navigating this blogging world has only led me to believe that I need to be original. I need to write about my adventures of becoming a mom, my struggles with keeping my life together, and the journey I am taking as I live this wonderful life.

To remind me of that concept, I got some amazing jewelry from The Silver Loft. As I was exploring their website I came across these beautiful bracelets that said, Act Like Audrey, Dress Like Jackie, and Party Like Gatsby. I loved them, such a cute idea. Then I thought, this company makes one of a kind jewelry, be original and come up with your own sayings.

I wanted something to remind me of this past year and the journey I have had of becoming a mother. After Jax was born I wrote and song titled, Steady Me. Ever since Liam was born I knew I wanted to write a song around this idea of a person making you weak and strong at the same time. I feel like my boys do that to me. Motherhood is such a funny and wonderful thing.

Tiffany bracelet

Anyways, the verses of this song start out with descriptions of how each of my boys came into this world. Liam came in like a lion, screaming honestly for a good seven minutes. We had so many hospital staff in our room. With Jax, he flew in like a dove. Unlike his brother, he quietly cooed as I held him close.

Helpful Hint:

Each of our stories is so unique and original. Remember your originality is what makes you, you. Stay happy and stay original.

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