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Scavanger Hunt

Spring Scavenger Hunt

This time of year my boys are ready to get out of the house and play. I love this time of year because almost every night we go on a family neighborhood walk. I enjoy watching the boys ahead of me exploring the wonderment of our neighborhood. I walk hand-in-hand with Thomas and we watch as our boys pick up sticks and throw up, find rocks only to pile them up on the curb, or jump into the small puddle left by the late afternoon rain.

I love my neighborhood walks, which is what inspired this blog post. I guess I was a little inspired by my Holiday Scavenger hunt as well. However, now is not the time to be spotting reindeer or snowman. Now is the time too look for rocks, flowers, sticks, and even spider webs.

I put together this spring scavenger hunt and truly enjoyed interacting with my boys as we all searched for the things on the list.
Download the free printable below and enjoy a fun neighborhood walk with your family.

Spring scavenger hunt

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