Spring-Inspired Name Card Napkins

written by Katie McMinn May 10, 2019
Name Card Napkins

Name Card Napkins

I was out doing yard work the other day and found myself inspired by a ground cover we have in our backyard. I was also thinking about Mother’s Day and perhaps having a brunch that day. With these two thoughts rolling around in my head I came up with this idea to make name card napkins using some cut greenery from our backyard.
I used different white and gold patterned cloth napkins and folded each in a simple rectangle. I then placed a name card that I made. I put my graphic design skills to the test and created four name cards that included: obviously the name, a spring inspired floral detail and a sweet note.

Spring Inspired Name Cards

I thought writing a short message to each of the moms would be a kind added touch and a great way for me to express my love and gratitude for them. I placed a name card onto my well-folded napkin, followed by fresh cut stems from my yard. I tied the napkin, card, and stem in a sheer peach ribbon and vow-la, a name card napkin inspired by the spring was ready for brunch.

Name Card Napkins

Name Card Napkins

I hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day this year and try this name card napkin idea. It doesn’t have to be limited to Mother’s Day or brunch. This is a great idea for a girl’s tea party or a spring cocktail dinner party.

Enjoy and I hope this inspires you to gather at your home.

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