Hint of Lavender

Spiced Orange Whiskey Martini

This martini is a wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving meal. This cocktail is spicy, creamy and just plain old delicious. The cinnamon gives this cocktail a bite, while the egg white makes it smooth. I hope you wow your guests this Thanksgiving with this fabulous cocktail.


Orange juice
Egg white
Orange slice
Cinnamon stick


Add ½ a cup of orange juice to a shaker.
Add a shot of whiskey.
Add one egg yoke.
Add cinnamon. Start with a dash, if you like spice add several ‘dashes’.
Put the lid on the shaker and shake it until your arms fall off. Honestly the egg white needs a lot of friction to emulsify, aka get creamy.
Pour into a martini glass and add an orange slice and cinnamon stick for garish.


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