Hint of Lavender

Spiced Jam Crostinis

Every Thanksgiving I feel like we all stress out so much trying to make things perfect.

It’s easy to feel stressed when we live in a world of Instagram and Pinterest. I don’t know about you but I often feel the pressure of making everything look so glamorous and perfect. I’m here to tell you not to strive for that this year. Or do strive for it, but let’s cheat a little by making things easier. This Thanksgiving I want you to enjoy yourself more, and that’s why I’m sharing this very easy, very fast Thanksgiving appetizer.

I know we all have that moment during Thanksgiving where we want to feel like we are Martha Stewart’ing the shit out of this dinner, but don’t feel like you have to make everything from scratch. It’s too time-consuming and energy-wasting. This post is all about helping you save time and energy so you can enjoy Thanksgiving, maybe rest a bit, dare I say it.

Before we dive into the recipe I want to share with you the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail. It’s the Spiced Orange Whiskey Martini. It’s obviously spicy but it’s also creamy and perfect to serve with your appetizer this Thanksgiving.

Ok now onto the appetizer recipe, pretty much all you do is buy the ingredients and assemble everything together. But when you add little things; like a slice of gourmet cheese or a dab of fancy jam, people will think you spent a lot more time on this appetizer than you really did.


Fancy jam (I used jalapeno and cherry)
Gourmet cheese (I used ghost pepper cheese)
Herb sprigs (I used rosemary and basil)


Place crostinis on a serving platter
Add a dapple of fancy jam to the crostinis
Add a slice of gourmet cheese or an herb sprig

Super easy right? You can also go corral style; put crustini’s on a serving platter, next to a jar of jam with a knife, and a bowl of herbs and bowl of cheese slices. Thanksgiving appetizers have never been easier. I really, really want you to have a stress-free Thanksgiving. I’m giving you my Thanksgiving Dinner Planner download to hopefully help you manage the stress that comes from hosting Thanksgiving.

I truly do hope you find time to relax and reflect this Thanksgiving. If you don’t enjoy the day, why go to all the trouble to make everyone around enjoy the day. Give yourself permission to not be Martha Stewart, not worry about everything looking worthy to be a Pinterest post of an Instagram post. This year enjoy making Thanksgiving dinner with the people you love and spend time making a memory with them. All my love and Happy Thanksgiving.

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