written by Katie McMinn March 28, 2017
Parent Confession Sneakiness

Thomas and I are always sneaking around the house once the boys are sleeping. We do everything we can to not wake them. Sometimes it’s no big deal, other times its like, “Why do we have to sneak around in our own house!” Lol Sometimes I feel like we are teenagers worried about getting caught doing sometime wrong. Oh the levels of sneakiness you develop once you are a parent are amazing.

Other times I sneak is when I need a quick chocolate fix. I’m sneaking in and out of the freezer to grab chocolate. I have a slight problem with mini Cadbury eggs and mint M&Ms. Put both of those candies in the freezer, you will thank me. Back to the sneaking though. Liam gets candy all throughout the day whenever he uses the potty. Needless to say, he gets his daily intake of sugar. I don’t want to be giving him more candy, but I want my damn chocolate ok people! Lol I have to sneak my hand in the freezer and search around for just a few magical pieces of candy. Sometimes Liam catches me and I have to give him a piece.

My point is sometimes you have to sneak things from your kids. I think innocent sneaking is not big deal and just a part of life. Helpful hint to all you parents, Keep on sneaking on.

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