Hint of Lavender

Smudges on the Door

Being a mom changes your outlook on just about everything. Thomas and I keep a pretty clean and organized house. Pre-kids our Saturdays were spent cleaning the house together, doing laundry and then relaxing with a nice dinner or movie night.

Now…post-Liam, we still clean the house together on Saturday, but we also clean on Sunday and Monday and Tuesday and so on. Today I was reviewing a document at the counter when I looked up I caught a glimpse of the refrigerator; there was a perfect hand print of Liam’s on the door.

Pre-kids I would have been annoyed and quickly cleaned the smudge off the door, but today I left it there. I smiled thinking about my little guy. I took pride in knowing that I am providing a safe, loving and somewhat clean place for Liam to call home. As I write this post I think about when he’s older and grown with his own family how I will miss seeing the smudges on the refrigerator door.

Helpful Hint:

Be thankful the smudge mark wasn’t a fudge mark!

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