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Hint of Lavender

Spring Wreath 2

Simple Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath 2
I love me a pretty wreath. I don’t care if it’s a beautiful pine Christmas wreath, a red petal Valentine’s wreath, or a green shamrock wreath. My point is I always have my front door adorned with a festive or seasonal wreath. Mainly because I love to make wreaths and just keep making them, even though I have plenty of them.

This spring I wanted to adorn my front door with a beautiful, yet simple wreath. I found this beautiful dried greenery and figure it was perfect for this project. I was then on a mission to find the most stunning rose-colored ribbon; and I found this rose color, gem-studded, wired ribbon. It was perfect.

How you need for this project:

Wire wreath frame
Floral wire
Wire cutters

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