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Shared Meal Planning

If you read my Family Meal Responsibilities with Mason Jar Salads, then you know the struggle was real when it came to keeping my family fed. After a long day and longer night of getting the boys to bed I told Thomas, “I’m about to lose it.” When he asked what he could do to help, it took me a minute to realize that I wanted us to share the responsibility of family meals, much like we did with getting the boys to bed. “I can’t be the only one in charge of family meals. I’m drowning.” I told him after a long breath.

I hated having this conversation because I get uncomfortable asking for help. With that said, it was one of the most rewarding conversations I’ve had with Thomas. He stepped up and asked what specifically he could do. Together we brainstormed how to make the family meal prep and execution fairer and balance the responsibility better.

We alternated putting the boys to bed, as we did ordering groceries. Every other week we take turns ordering our groceries online. Which is kind of funny when I think about it because I would text Thomas a list of what we needed. I told him he needed to figure out the meals for the week and figure out what he needed as far as groceries.

He took it to heart and started to help me with the meals. Now, just like we alternate putting the boys to bed each night, we alternate the family meals weekly. Every Sunday one of us gets online and orders our click list of groceries. We prepare every meals, eat together as a family and most nights the person also clean the kitchen after dinner. We tend to clean the kitchen as we’re cooking when we know that it’s still our responsibility.

The other person gets to have one-on-one playtime with the boys. I particularly love these days because it gives me a chance to do crafts or build a big Lego town. I love it and I feel more balanced because of it.

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