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Hints to Setting the Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it was one of the first Holidays Thomas and I celebrated together. It was also the first holiday we started our own family traditions. For years, he and I would make an entire meal, some years just for the two of us. We’d dance around the kitchen preparing dishes and sipping mimosas.
Now that we have kids Thanksgiving looks a little different, a little more hectic. I aim to plan ahead enough that on the big day I’m not so stressed. I want to enjoy the day with my family, not stressing about the house, table, or food.

I’ve put together a few hints to help you at least with the Thanksgiving table. If you are in need of recipes for the big day here is a post of 10 Thanksgiving side dishes. Enjoy.

Hints to Setting the Table

1. Stick to your colors.

Choose 3-4 colors and grab any plates, placemats, napkins, cups that are in those colors. For my table, I went with white/cream, gold, blue, and burgundy. For my table I:
• Draped the table in a white tablecloth,
• Used gold, cream, and blue placemats,
• Placed gold chargers on those placemats,
• Placed a white or cream plate on each charger,
• Found my burgundy napkins and my autumn floral napkins,
• Used the napkin folding tutorial to fold all the napkins,
• Placed a napkin on each plate,
• Added gold and silver flatware and a glass to each setting, and
• Called it a day.

2. Use different sets that are similar.

I used two styles of white plates (round and square), a harvest cream set, and two autumn leaves. While all of these are from different sets they worked together because they were in my color scheme.

3. Cloth napkins.

If you go out and buy anything this year purchase a set of cloth napkins. Your plates and whatnot will look more uniform if you have matching napkins. Plus they are the most inexpensive thing to buy when compared to a set of dishes.

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