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Santa’s Bag

If you saw my Thankful Tree post than you know, Thomas and I both strive to teach the boys how to think outside of themselves, to appreciate all that they have in life, and to give back as much as they can. One thing we do this time of year to help our kids to understand the concept of giving is the Santa Bag.

We pulled out our Santa bad last week and asked the boys if they remembered what this bag was for. Liam perked up and said, “It’s Santa’s bag. We have to put all of our toys in there.”

“Not exactly. You are right, this is Santa’s bag, but any toy that you put in here you will be given to another boys or girl. On Christmas Eve after Santa has up your presents under the tree, he will take this bag and give all your old toys to boys and girls who will want them.” I said.

Liam just looked at the bag as he processed what he had just heard.

“Do you remember the girl that we bought gifts for? The little girl who doesn’t have a mom and dad that will give her presents this year?” I asked Liam. We sponsor a child that is in the foster care system every year and this year I think Liam was getting some of the concept.

“There are a lot of girls and boys that don’t have as much as you and Jaxson. It is very important that we help those kids when we can.” I told him.

“By giving them our toys?” He asked.

“Yes. But son, you only have to give some of the toys you don’t want anymore.” I said as I placed my hand on his back.

He stood up, ran to his toy shelf, and started to declare things he wanted to give. Together we went through the bins on the toy shelf and before we knew it, the bag was half-full of toys to be donated.

Not only do I like teaching my boys how to think beyond their own wants and desires, but I also like to teach them how to get rid of things when they no longer are serving a purpose. Thomas is a good example of this; every time he buys new clothes, he will donate the same amount of items. It keeps his closest in order.

I love how the Santa bag teaches the boys to donate things. My hope is the boys will caring this concept into their adulthood and not my hoarders. Who knew a simple Santa bag could teach so many life lessons.

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