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Hint of Lavender

Roasted Cauliflower and Red Bell Pepper

Thomas and I share the responsibility of family meal planning and execution. We alternate weeks and when it is my week, I plan the meals, order groceries, and make the meals for the week. Last week I was feeling very adventurous and I made corn and beets tacos, a sweet and spicy Thai soup, vegan Mexican pizza, red lentil butter, and pepper pasta and roasted cauliflower with red bell peppers.
When I pulled the veggies out of the oven, Thomas came up and said, “Smells good.” He then proceeded to make an IG story about how I made him eat cauliflower steak. That man cracks me up. He and the boys ate two servings of this dish. I do always test my recipes before I write them here on the blog for a number of obvious reasons. The fact that we all had seconds on this dish is the reason I’m sharing it with you now.
In addition to having this as a family meal, I think this could be a very impressive meal for a dinner party or a nice side if you’re heading to a BBQ. It didn’t take a ton of prep or cook time. Let me share with you how to make this spicy veggie dish.


1 head of cauliflower
1 bell pepper
Olive oil
Tablespoon paprika
½ teas cayenne pepper
1 teas black pepper
1/2 teas onion powder


Preheat oven to 350. Wash your veggies. Cut your cauliflower in 1/2 inch slices. Line the slices on a cookie sheet. Cut the sides of the bell pepper from the center and stem. Line the slices on the cookie sheet. Generously coat the veggies with olive oil. Combine all the spices and sprinkle over the veggies. Bake for 25 minutes. Once the veggies are cool cut into smaller pieces and add over rice or pasta. Sprinkle a little cilantro on top.

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