Hint of Lavender

Red, White, and Black Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas!!!!! This is the first year in the history of my life that I’ve put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. It’s 2020 and I figure we all need; not a little Christmas, but a lot of Christmas. So I put our tree and our kids tiny trees. If you follow me on Instagram (@katie.mcminn) then you know we’ve remodeled our kitchen. If you’ve seen the TomKat Adventures-Home Edition then you also know when I say we I mean Thomas and I, not contractors. We used contractors sparingly. Sorry I’m off topic, sort of.

When we remodeled we added a huge and completely gorgeous range over our stovetop. Well, when I started to decorate for Christmas I found these frame illustrations one with a camper and one with a pickup truck and Christmas lyrics on each of them. I was so inspired by these cute illustrations that I decided to decorate the tree in red, white, and black this year.

I’ve never done black before and was a little worried about it being too dark. Early one morning, I took a trip to Micheals and found the plaid ribbons, the white sprigs, and the enormous magnolias. I think all the white I used kept the black in check.

Tree Trimming Hints

Always starting with the ribbons or garland.
Add the sprigs and florals.
Add the ornaments.

This year above any other I hope you all truly enjoy the holidays with the people you love.

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