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Pumpkins Cup Surprise

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful day for me and I loved spending it with the people who fill my cup. The people who lift me, make me laugh and are always there when I need them. I love these people and because of that, I like to express my love and appreciation through food and time.

I want to spend the day cooking, laughing, and playing games. As we sit down for the big Thanksgiving meal, I like to make these beloved people feel the love I have for them by adding a little something to the table. I created custom nameplates with pinecones one year and this year I may have to add some pumpkins on the cups.

Pumpkins on cups is a funny and interactive way to decorate your Thanksgiving table. Place a handwritten note, a piece of candy or after dinner mint in the cup and hide it with the pumpkin on top. When your guests go to move the pumpkin and fill their cup, they will get a nice surprise.
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Pumpkin on Cups 2

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