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Hint of Lavender

Post-Thanksgiving Dinner Game

This Thanksgiving is unlike any we have ever seen. It’s is truly the year to fill our hearts. Forget about making an Instagram worthy table or lavish dinner. Instead of focusing on all those details we used to before, let’s focus on what truly matters. I’m talking about the people we love most in this world and relationships we have with those people.

After your belly is full and you’ve started in on that pumpkin pie, kick off the holiday season by grabbing a gathering card. You may be asking yourself, ‘What in the hell is a gathering card?” A gathering card is one of 54 cards in a deck that help you deepen connections, start conversations and gather the people you love. Sounds perfect for this time of year. Right?

There’s no better gift then to deepening connections with the people you love. Like I said before this year you should focus on people, not those IG peeps, but the people right in front of you. Get to know your husband better. Understand your kids on a different level. Create a memory with them anyone else you are spending this precious holiday season with.

I wish you are wonderful, hopeful and meaningful Thanksgiving this year.

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