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Pizza Calzones

Here is a very fun and easy dinner. The best part is it also can be a fun family activity. When I first did this dinner I had no idea what I was going to make. I looked in the frig and found half a jar of spaghetti sauce and half a bag of pepperoni. Now my mind is so fantastical, I automatic thought pizza calzones. Thomas was happy to run to the story to get some place and bake rolls.

Once we had the rolls, I place Liam up at the counter and showed him how to flatten out the dough. Liam did a good job patting and with great pride showed me his work. After some encouraging words I told him to stretch the dough.
“Just like the pizza man, mommy?”
“Yes! Just like the pizza man!”

Jaxson is a bit to young to handle this doughy project on his own. He pretty much wacked the dough and tried to grab a bite of it. After the dough was prepped, Liam spread the spaghetti sauce (much better with pizza sauce, but what can I say? Half a jar of spaghetti sauce was not going to waste). After the sauce, Liam added his pepperoni, sprinkled some cheese, and together was folded the dough and pinched the sided closed.

Now in all honesty, I had to finish the last half calzones myself. After about three Liam had had enough. I filled some with pepperoni, some with spinach and artichoke hearts, and some with black olives and chicken. We bake those suckers and 20 minutes later were enjoying the fruits of our labor.

You could totally make a calzone bar. Provide an assortment of whatever you find in your frig and cupboards. Have fun with the family making different calzone creations. Take it one step further and make it a contest. Everyone taste tests all the calzones and chooses their favorite. Perhaps the winner gets to decide what’s for dessert.

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