Picnic Fare

written by Katie McMinn August 9, 2019

It’s a warm summer day. You are sitting under a tree as you feel the breeze glide across your face. Then out of nowhere, your tummy grumbles. Good thing you packed some delicious and satisfying picnic fare.

Picnic Fare 2

You roll over to a perfectly patched picnic basket and delight in the idea of making a gourmet PB and J sandwich. You open the basket and pull out the loaf of handmade sourdough bread and begin cutting it into slices. You pull out the peanut butter and jam, which you prepared in your dual condiment dish. After you spread on the peanut butter you open the jar of your mom’s homemade jam. As you inhale the sweet smell of raspberries you are reminded of the times you went to your grandmother’s house to pick raspberries. You remember watching her your mother and grandma made this jam with sweat and love.

Picnic Fare 3

You are pulled back to the picnic when you kid comes running up to the blanket as asks what’s for lunch. Your husband grabs out the juice boxes and La Croix, as your hand plates for gourmet PB and J’s out to the kids.

Ok not every picnic maybe this picture-perfect, but you can gather your family together at a park for a wondering day of play and PB and J’s. Elevate your picnic with these gourmet-style sandwiches; all you need is your favorite load of bread, peanut butter, and jam.

Picnic Fare

You may want to add a mason jar salad to go with those PB and J’s. Find my favorite recipes.

Enjoy Gathering!

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