Pet Bed Solution

written by Katie McMinn May 22, 2018
Pet Bed Solution

Our little girls just aren’t spoiled the way they use to be back pre-kids when our tiny wiener dogs were like our kids. I talk about this in my book Big Girl Decisions actually. Our little Cadie Bens, featured in this article, prepared us in so many ways for kids. Check out the book if you want to hear more about that topic.

To our pet bed solution. I had washed the girls’ bed and blankets and in the process, realized that their bed was looking a bit shabby. It still functioned fine; all the fluff was still intact. Well for the most part. The girls loved this bed so I didn’t want to throw it out, but it needed an overhaul.

Here is my easy pet bed solution.

1. Bought a new pillowcase.
2. Shoved that pet bed in the pillowcase.
3. Sewed up the end with my trusty sewing machine.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can purchase binding tape, which you iron to the pillowcase and it will adhere to the fabrics keeping it closed.

Problem solved. The girls kept their bed and I didn’t have to keep picking up “fluff” from the bed that had somehow made its way out of the two holes in the bottom.

I am happy to report that both Cadie and Leela (couldn’t get Leela in the shot to save my life) enjoy the revamp by to their favorite bed. They both cuddled up in it and fell asleep like nothing had changed.

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