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written by Katie McMinn March 9, 2018
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Thomas and I were obsessed with noodle bowl last summer. Well maybe it wasn’t quite an obsession more than bowl are easy to make and on the days where I was in charge of dinner I decided go easy or go home. Who knows? But, if you are looking for an easy family meal or a work lunch noodle bowls are the way to go.

5 Reasons Why I Love Noodle Bowls

1. I look in the frig and whatever I find that floats my fancy I put into the bowl
2. I look in the pantry and whatever I find that floats my fancy I put into the bowl
3. I get my daily recommended intake of veggies
4. I enjoy veggies when they come with yummy noodles or sometimes rice
5. Every time the bowl is different

Now as mention above in number five, every time I make a bowl it’s different, mainly because of numbers one and two. I honestly will go to my frig and pantry and see what I think will taste good together. I throw all those yummy fresh and some canned veggies on the stove for a quick cook and voi la! A perfect noodle bowl.

Not sure you want to just throw a bunch of random stuff together? I totally get it, I’ve made some not so delicious bowls in the past. Below is the recipe for this particular (and my go-to bowl when I have all the veggies). I hope you try it.

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Noodles (I prefer Udon or Rice)
Matchstick carrots
Shrimp (can be substituted with chicken or tofu)
Grated ginger


Cook noodles according to directions on packaging. After noodles are cooked, and cool to the touch, place in bowl. Wash produce fully. Add matchstick carrots to the bowl. Cut beets into matchstick slices and add to bowl. Cut avocado and add to the bowl. Add shrimp or cooked meat or tofu). Top with pieces of grated ginger and cilantro.

Spicy Lemon Dressing

1 ½ cups olive oil
1 ¼ cups of lemon juice
½ cup apple cider vinegar

If you end up trying this recipe please let me know what you think DM me on Facebook or Instagram.

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