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Hint of Lavender

New Year’s Resolution for Your Face

I don’t know how you are in the winter but I always feel the need to ramp up my facial skincare routine. I think it’s partly because I eat so much sugar throughout the month of December that come January I need to somehow extract the sweet granules from each and every pore.

Here is what I plan on working on this January in order to get my skin back to its healthy glowing self.

Renew Your Face

Helpful Hints to Resolution-izing Your Skin

Hint #1 Water, need I say more?

Don’t stress about getting the “recommended” water intake you have better things to worry about. Just simply make an effort to drink more water throughout the day. What works for me is drinking a large glass of water first thing when I get up in the morning and then another glass when I start to settle down for the night. Throughout the day I drink a lot more water if I have a water bottle close by me. Every time I look at the water bottle and stop and make myself take a quick swig.

Hint #2 Use Sunscreen, Even in the Winter

I’m obsessed with sunscreen and have been since my early twenties. I know I should have been in my teenage years but I was young and wreck less. Now I start my makeup routine with a hinted moisturizer with SPF 15 sunscreen. I like Aveeno Positively Radiant, it’s affordable about $8 and it’s lightweight. On days when I’m running late I put this on with no other makeup and it gives in good coverage while protecting my skin from the sun.

Hint #3 Exfoliate Twice a Week

In this chilling weather I really appreciate a good exfoliant. Right now I use Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate. It was cinnamon in it, which gives warmth as you exfoliant. I love it. I also use Mario Badescu’s Kiwi Face scrub. I find that exfoliating twice a week keeps my skin super smooth. Getting rid of all that dead skin really does make a difference.

Renew Your Face1

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