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Indoor Winer Kids activity

My Kid’s Physical Activity Card Game

Do you remember that Deck of Cards workout I did last month? I started thinking about how I could get the boys more active since we are stuck inside so much during these cold winter months. On a weekly basis our family pulls out our bin of flash cards. We have Mr. Potato Head Counts, Find the Opposite, several shapes deck and several color decks.

When Liam first started playing with flash cards, it always turned into some kind of game. For example, we would cheer every time a red heart showed up in the deck or when he named the color or shape on the card correctly again, we cheered and clapped our hands wildly.

Now both the boys play flash cards, and I had to get creative. Here enters the Kid’s Physical Activity Card Game. I grabbed their favorite Dr. Suess color and shape deck from the flash card bin. I have them sit in front of my on the floor and I begin to shuffle the deck, (they still think my bridge shuffle is the coolest thing ever) and as I shuffle I ask if they want to play shapes or colors.

Indoor actiivty
Liam will go first and pick a card. Let’s say we’re playing colors and it’s green. I’ll come up with something for them to do whenever they pick a green card. I assign a physical activity to each color. This allowed the boys to learn their colors while at the same time be physically active.

Now the tricky thing for me was remembering what activity went with what card. I had them do things like, run around the kitchen island, go tap dad’s knee, give each other a hug, run to the window etc. It was very fun to watch their excitement with each card.


Indoor Winer Kids activity

It may be hard to come up with different physical activities to do so I’ve put together a small list. Below are twenty physical activities that we have fun doing with this game. I hope your little ones enjoy this fun learning and physical activity card game.

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