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written by Katie McMinn March 7, 2017
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I have a coffee problem, Starbuck in particular. I can’t get enough of it. I don’t want to knock on the company because I actually really love the company. They have built a coffee empire that has dominated the marketed. Thomas and I always say that the founders of Starbucks, Gordon Bowker, Zev Siegl and Jerry Baldwin are all genius! They somehow found a way to create a culture around coffee. They were the pioneers of coffee shop hangouts. I love Starbucks!

If I am being honest, there are times my pocketbook doesn’t appreciate the amount of money I spend on Starbucks coffee, sometimes my nervous system doesn’t like the amount of caffeine I consume, and sometimes my aging skin is sad that the caffeine is depleting its moisture.

I have tried many ways to decrease my coffee consumption. I’m not crazy I enjoy 1-2 cups of coffee a day guilt free; but when I’m heading for my 4th cup in a day I know there is a problem. Here’s a typically coffee day for me. First I wake up and have a nice, hot cup of golden brown coffee, by 10:30 I’m on my way to Starbucks. I tend to enjoy a third cup around 2 pm. Lastly, I may have one more when I get home from work. See I have a problem.

I know that my problem is that I enjoy the ritual of going to Starbucks. See those smart men built a culture that brings me joy. I love the atmosphere, the company I’m with (I go with Thomas) and the wonderful taste that Starbuck provides me. A few months back I realized I had a problem and lucky for me, my wonderful father-in-law gifted us an amazing Nespresso machine. I had no idea how much I would enjoy lattes from the Nespresso machine. The machine came with a milk steamer that has a latte and cappuccino option, and somehow the machine froths the coffee by itself. So I can have a cup black (with no milk) or enjoy it will a whole lot of frothed up milk.

I knew I wanted to decrease my coffee intake from 3-4 cups a day down to 1-2 cups a day. I felt like my lattes from the Nespresso machine were just as good if not better than Starbucks. I transitioned my mindset of my ritual being at Starbuck, to my ritual being first thing in the morning. Dressed in my PJs and watching my boys play I would enjoy the best cup of coffee I would have all day. I found myself not even wanting to go to Starbucks. Again if I’m being honest, Thomas and I still hit up the good old SB a few times during the work week and I’m ok with that. I went from my 3-4 cups of daily coffee to my one occasionally two with no sweat.

I have to recommend Nespresso machine to you because they changed the way I drink and essentially look at coffee. If you are looking at a coffee machine, I cannot recommend this one highly enough. And just a little added bonus because you read the entire article, thank you by the way, the vanilla pods are to DIE for!!! I love em!

Here are some Nespresso machines, the one I have is listed first, the Vertuoline and I love it.

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