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My Eat Healthy 80:20 Rule

This rule is not like the 50-30-20 rule. This rule is not about budgeting, it’s about eating. Everyone who knows me, knows I can’t diet. I’m not disciplined enough. I can’t count calories or stick to a eating meal. I also can’t live a life where I have to eat a certain way and feel guilty about myself if I don’t. I want to enjoy the foods I like, while also staying as healthy as I can. So what do I do? You ask. Enter my 80:20 rule.

It’s really very simple 80% of the time I eat healthy, 20% of the time I eat crap. Well not crap, unless you call whatever is left on my kids’ plate crap. My rule is Monday through to Friday evening I eat pretty healthy, lots of fruits and veggies.


With my cup of coffee each morning I have a fruit and spinach smoothie, a granola bar and a little yogurt. I switch up the variety so I don’t get bored. FYI on the weekend it’s donuts, sausage, and pancakes.


For lunch during the week is a lot of salads, rice bowls and power bowls. I snack on granola bars, fruit leathers, and the occasional dark chocolate. What? It’s full of antioxidants. During the weekend my lunch is usually what the boys have, so grilled cheese, spaghetti O’s, sometimes fruit and veggies.


My dinners vary. Right now because it’s the summer we have a lot of BBQ. Thomas will grill up some fish or chicken and I’ll prepare some veggie or fruit to throw on the BBQ as well. Weekends are usually one night of pizza. You all remember pizza in the park on my Instagram page right. We try to get out for a dinner date as well, so that could be anything from sushi to fried chicken to tapas.

My whole point, is eat healthy more often than not. If I can commit to eating healthy during the week then I can indulge in whatever I want during the weekend and…now this is the important thing, eat whatever I want completely guilt free. My guilt free ice cream is so worth my plate of steam veggies.

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