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My 3-minute Ballet Workout

This time of year it is so difficult to unwrap myself from my warm and cozy spot on my couch. I have this tiny voice in my head that says, ”Katie get up and do some squats, go for a run. Anything just do something active.” Then is sings, “Let’s get physical! Physical!” I know I need to continue to workout this time of year. I know my ass with thank me, when the times comes that I’m shoving it into a swimsuit.

If you’re inner voice is screaming at you but all you can do is sick deeper into soft, luxurious deliciousness of your couch, then keep reading. I do this 3-minute workout all the time. I’ll do it while I’m waiting for a dogs to come in from outside, or cooking dinner, or waiting for my boys put down their trucks and pay attention to me.

Ballet Workout 1. Front Kicks

Find a chair, counter top, or the back of your couch even and use it as your ballet bar. Stand up tall and straight, shoulders back. Engage your tummy and lift one leg straight out in front of you at a 90 degree angle. Back down, kick your leg back up. Repeat on the other leg.

Ballet Workout 2. Back Kicks

Same exact thing as step 1 only kick back behind you instead of in front. Remember to stay tall and straight and engage your tummy and glutes for that matters.

Ballet Workout 3. Leg Stretch

Use your “ballet bar” and place one leg up on it. Your ankle should rest on the “bar” and your standing leg should be close to a 90 degree. Stretch up nice and tall with your arms above your head and bend over and touch your ankle that is resting on your “bar.” Stay there until you are ready for the other leg.

The thing I like most about this workout is that it doesn’t feel like a workout. I can do this workout where ever and whenever I have about three minutes. Watch the video to see what exact the three ballet movements are that make up this 3-minute workout.

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