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Moving with Kids 2

Moving with Kids

moving  into a new home with kids.

We close on our new home in three days and the idea of packing has got me feeling down. Packing an entire house in daunting all on its own, but to pack a house with tiny McHumans running around is a bit much. Among the boxes; piles of taking with and giving away, sippy cups and smiles, I’ve discovered a few things that help keep my boys involved with this packing up process.

Moving Kids 1

Here is how I’m moving with kids

The main method for this process is dropping a box and calling it a day. I place an empty box is the center of the room, then make it a game or “task” that the boys can do.

1. Put it in the box or it’s staying here.

I dropped a few boxes in the middle of the boys’ playroom and told them to fill the box up with toys. Anything that didn’t make it into a box is staying here for the next little boy to play with and enjoy. You can imagine how quickly those boxes were filled.

2. Box up mama’s clothes.

I think a one particular and unbreakable thing the boys can pack up while I’m packing up other stuff is clothing. I asked the boys to put all the clothes from the bottom drawers of my dresser and a bottom racks in my closet into boxes.

3. You turn, his turn.

Down in the guest I had the boys play a game of his turn your turn. Liam started by choosing one item in the room to put into a packing box. Then he had to tag Jaxson in and now it was his turn to choose an item and get it into the box.

moving  into a new home with kids.

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