Moving into a New House With Kids

written by Katie McMinn July 5, 2018
PC-Moving with Kids 5

I know. I know. All I’ve talked about the last month is remodeling our basement, buying a house, selling our old house, closing on both houses, and moving with kids. After this parental confession, I may be done talking about it. Who knows?

When we first put on offer in on our new house, my biggest concern was the move. After remodeling the basement and putting our house on the market, moving was the last of my concerns. We spent a week, throwing our belongings into boxes. Thomas rented a U-Haul and on the big day, we just moved homes, one box at a time.

Now the hard part is living in a house filled with boxes and having a 2-year-old and three-year-old running around. In this episode of parental confessions, we discovered that sometimes you just go without sleep, you take extra days off from work, and you do whatever you can do in a day.

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