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Hint of Lavender

Mountain Christmas Table Setting

I felt inspired by the Wander Collection and my mother-in-law to put together this Mountain Christmas table setting. My mother-in-law recently moved. She was downsizing and I was helping her with the process. We had 11-12 of her boxes safely stored in our garage and one Saturday afternoon she came over and together we looked through each box. It was a Marie Kondo moment for sure; we had our going to Dee’s house pile, our donate pile, and our long-term storage pile.

I enjoyed going through the boxes with her and helping her get rid of things that were no longer serving her. My mother-in-law also has great taste so I was excited for the things she wanted to hand down to me. During our downsizing adventure, she held up this zip lock bag with three furry friends in it. The moment I saw them I knew I wanted them. I watched her like a hawk, anticipating what pile she would be placing them in. She put them in her keep pile. Slightly disappointed I continued to sort. I went to place something in the donation box and there were my furry friends. They were in the donation pile!

Wait I thought you wanted these.” I said.
“I did, but I changed my mind.” She said as she opened another box.
I looked at my furry friends, then at her. She laughed and said, “Well do you want them?”
“Yes, I do actually. I was sad when you put them in your keep pile. Now they’re mine!” I said with a laugh.

I knew I wanted these furry ornaments not only for my tree, but also to style with the Wander Collection. I mean come on furry forest animals with forest plates. Perfection.
I hope you like this mountain Christmas table setting as much as I do. I hope it inspires you to gather the people you love in your home.

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