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I’m telling ya over the knee boots are not just for hookers. Do hookers even wear over the knee boots? I think Julia Roberts has changed society’s perception on that one for sure. I feel this outfit I’ve put together screams more Audrey Hepburn. Ok back to the boots. I love them for fall. I wear them over skinny jeans, with by big billowy floral maxi dress I wore in the summer and with skirts. Here I’ve got this awesome silver mini skirt and I lathered the top with a crisp white button up and threw a black crop top to add some contrast. Now miniskirts are the thing this season. This is no better partner for the miniskirt than the (ta-da) over the knee boots. Pair your looks with a chunky sweater, gentlemen’s jacket or kimono. Cause we all know why you need a kimono right?

Another thing that vogue declared to be big this fall 2017 season is vintage plaid. This coat that I’ve had for years is totally vintage. I took a page out of Macklemore and discovered it at a thrift store in downtown Salt Lake City. It keeps me warm and staying true to Vogue style.

I love this look. I’d really like to tell you it’s comfortable, but I don’t think minis are the most comfortable thing in the world. If you are looking for a fun outfit for a lunch meeting, girls brunch or date night, this could be the look for you. DM me on Facebook or Instagram I want to see your pics.

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Find a your vintage plaid coat

Find a your over the knee boots

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