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Managing Projects

Managing projects can at times put me over the edge. I’ve found a great process which helps me break down a project into manageable tasks. What’s the old saying? “You can’t eat the entire elephant.”

Step 1 Find your project board.

Your board can be anything that have in the house it just need to be big enough for three columns and lots of post-it notes. You’re three columns will be To Do, Doing and Done.

Step 2 Determine your task.

Think of every last thing you need to do in order to complete this project. Write all of your tasks on post-it notes or cards.

Step 3 Add them to your project board.

Place all your post-it notes or tasks in the To Do column.

Step 4 Move them throughout the process.

As you begin a task put that related post-it note in the Doing column. Once you’ve completed it pack yourself on the back and place the pot-it in the Done column.

Recently I used the project management process to make Liam’s Halloween costume. I will walk you through the process from turning this pile of fabric and material into a cute little gnome costume. Seeing how I broke this project into tasks may help you figure out the tasks for your next project.

Tasks to Liam’s Costume

1. Purchase fabric and material
2. Measure Liam
3. Make a pattern
4. Cut out the overalls
5. Add plaid patches overall pants
6. Add plaid pocket to top of overalls
7. Sew the overall pants together
8. Sew the top of the overalls
9. Sew the top and pants of overalls together
10. Sew straps to waist line
11. Close waist line of
12. Sew on buttons
13. Build the structure for the gnome hat
14. Add plaid fabric to hat
15. Attached neck strap
16. Add beard and eyebrows

The best part was going into my office and looking just at the Doing column. I knew right away where I needed to focus my attention. Plus when all my tasks were done and I saw them in the “Done” column I felt pretty good about all I accomplished.

The process can be different if you haven’t used it before. If you prefer online platforms there are several project management programs out there. I’ve used Trello and Asana before. Hope this helps you manage some of those projects you’ve got on your plate.

Helpful Hint:

The more specific your tasks are the easier you can move through the process.

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