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mama swimsuit

Mama Swimsuits

Now ladies keep in mind these are the swimsuit rules are for when I’m looking for my mama swimsuit. I need a suit that allows me to run after the kids. When Thomas and I are poolside, I don’t have one rule and it’s simple, its what suit makes me feel the most confident.

Here are a few “mama” swimsuit I recommend.

mama swimsuit

Mama Swimsuit Rules
1. Coverage.

I do not want my boobies or booty to be hanging out of my swimsuit. I want to know that my top is covered and can hold my breasts efficiently enough. With my bottoms, I prefer the high waisted. In addition to the high waist, they typically have a lower booty line, which means more coverage all around. With this style I don’t have to worry about part flying out that I don’t want to have fly out.

2. Movement.

When you are in a pool with your kids you are constantly moving. You need to have a swimsuit that moves with you. Much like the coverage, you don’t want your boobs to go one way and your swimsuit to go in the other way. Total mishap that you don’t want to experience.

3. Confidence.

You want to be confident in a swimsuit. Find one in your favorite color or a print that you love. Now if you have some problem areas find a swimsuit that works with your body type and hides those problem areas. Hannah Weil McKinley from PopSugar has the best post to help you find the right suit for your body type.

Thomas got a new papa bear swimsuit. I thought I’d add some recommendations for men’s suits incase any of you are looking for a suit for your sweetie.

Here are a few “papa bear” swimsuit I recommend.

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