Light Up the Bedroom

written by Katie McMinn June 25, 2016

So you find yourself with a small amount of money that you want to spend on updates for your bedroom. Not enough to do any major construction, but enough to upgrade something. I tell ya, go with lighting every time.

The lighting in any space really impacts the feeling of the room. We used to have these sconces that were already in the bedroom when we bought the house back in 2009. With that said I do think these sconces were original to the house meaning they were decades old.

We replaced them with these beautiful crystal sconces. I love them because the glass box creates a modern look that Thomas likes, but the crystals are girly which I like. I love these lights at night because the make the most beautiful pattern on the wall and ceiling.


Helpful hint:

Need an easy update, change your light fixtures and light up the bedroom.

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