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LIfe with Twins Plus 2 Family

Life With Twins Plus Two

Jessica is an amazing lady from Minnesota. We are in an Instagram Mom group together, which is where we met. Jessica married her high school sweetheart, has four beautiful kids- a daughter, twin boys, and another son. I love watching her on Instagram She is such a fun mama. For Halloween this year, she dressed up with her kids as characters from Starwars; and she made a perfect princess Leia. She is so much fun to follow. She is always-sharing ideas from entertaining her kids to healthy eating habits. I’m happy to introduce you to Jessica.

LIfe with Twins Plus 2 starwars

Tell us a little about yourself Jessica.

Thanks for that sweet intro, Katie. I am 32 years old. A born and raised Minnesota girl, although I would like to say I love living here, I really do not. The winters can be brutal, and I miss the warmth and sunshine! I am married to my best friend, who I did meet in high school, and have been with ever since. My kids are my life, and keep my days busy! I have enjoyed watching them grow up over the years. I am obsessed with crafting & DIY projects! Being a Pisces, I have always had a strong artistic side of me. I am also a huge shopholic and love spending my money at Target, TJ Maxx, or Marshall’s.

How to do you keep your family-life balanced with work-life?

I only just recently began to work again. It’s been seven years since I decided to become a stay at home mom. I will never regret my time that I took off, for raising my children instead. However, I have been itching to find something for me to do. My work is able to be done at home, so I can still be here for my kids. I try my best to get what I can do at night before bed. Of course, I still have work to do throughout the day. I won’t lie, it has been a challenge and has left me feeling quite guilty most days. It’s a change and new adjustment for us all. So, I am still working on the balance part of it all.

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How do you take care of yourself?

This is something I really am not very good at. I think like a lot of moms, I tend to put myself last or not at all. Not because I don’t think I am deserving or want it, but because there are so many other needs ahead of myself. When I do get the few rare moments to take care of myself, I enjoy relaxing watching one of my favorite shows, getting out of the house to shop, going to craft sales with my mom, or just spending the day with her.

Self-care is so important, especially during the craziness of the holidays. How do you balance all the holiday family duties and the self-care?

Over the years I have become wiser, I guess that’s the one plus side to aging! I am a person with a very type-A personality, and gets extremely overwhelmed and anxious easily. Managing my stress level is a very important part in taking care of myself. When it comes to the chaos of the holidays, I make sure to start planning things out way ahead of time. It might sound a little strange, but it honestly has made such a difference in my life. Taking things one day at a time, and knowing what you want to tackle that day, really helps cut down on packing too much into a short amount of time.

LIfe with Twins Plus 2 Christmas Family pic

How do you prepare for the holidays?

As I mentioned above, I like to plan everything out when it comes to the holidays. Starting ahead of time helps give me enough time to get everything done. I start Christmas shopping in October and try to make sure to be completely done by November. That way I can focus on the more important parts of December.

What are your family traditions?

Some of our favorite holiday family traditions are; going to our towns annual light holiday parade, decorating the house & putting up the Christmas tree, decorating cookies, visiting Santa Clause, and going to different fun holiday festivities!

You can find this twins plus two mama Jessica at:

Facebook: lifewithtwinsplus2
Instagram: life.with.twins.plus2

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