Layer in the Winter

written by Katie McMinn January 17, 2018
dress in the winter

The cold winter weather is the perfect time to layer up. I have poor circulation, due to my low blood pressure so layering up really helps me stay from comfortable. Sometimes I struggle with layering though. There are so many elements to think about, color, fabric, weight, and style. It can be a process finding the right items of clothing to layer.

On this particularly cold day, I really wanted to wear a dress; but it’s difficult to wear a dress in the winter and not freeze your booty off. Right? I was on a mission. I was going to wear a dress in winter and I was going to stay warm doing it. I went to my closet and found this grey, quarter-sleeve, mid-length dress. I immediately knew I would be wearing my over the knee boots. I wanted to tie in the black from the boots, so I selected this black and white, semi-sheer sweater. I had a feeling I wouldn’t be warm enough so I grabbed my favorite blue bomber jacket. There was my perfect layered up winter look.

Of course as I was leaving for work I had to grab a coat, I figured why not wear my blue trench coat from Pink Blush. I stayed warm all day, while I was inside and out. I’ve put together a few similar items so you can layer up this winter. A little disclosure here, I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links and the items posted below.

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